Junk in the Trunk

Time for a fun project! I know a lot of you want to get into painting furniture – but you are a big baby scared to jump right into it. Well, an old trunk or chest is the perfect first project. I recently refinished one as a custom order, and thought it would be a great project to share with all of you!

Start with a dirty-ass trunk – pick one up at a garage sale, estate sale, Craigslist, steal one from your grandma, I don’t care. Just get yourself one. (I love refinishing old trunks because they make the cutest coffee tables. You can even add feet to them to make it a little extra fancy – or a piece of glass on top). My client found this trunk at a garage sale and knew it was a diamond in the rough. I have the smartest clients.


Step #1 – Prep

unnamed (1)I assume most of you would have passed up this trunk at a garage sale – big dummies. First, we have to prep the trunk. Rip out any fabric from the inside, removing as much as possible. The fabric may leave a sticky glue behind, that’s okay! Get out your hand sander and sand away to remove the glue. You don’t have to get it perfectly smooth because we will be replacing the fabric, but you want it smoother than your legs on a cold December day. Next, dust out the inside, and wash the whole outside with warm soapy water. Make sure you scrub in all of the cracks and crevasses. We don’t want to paint over dust and dirt. You can use a sponge with a scrubby side to remove any stickiness or gunk – then I suggest you throw that sponge away. We don’t know where this trunk has been. Let the trunk dry completely.

Step #2 – Prime.

unnamed (2)

Use whatever primer you would like – my favorite is Zinsser Cover Stain Primer. I find that it locks in any leaky oils or paints that are on old pieces. Priming the trunk will help the paint stick to it as well. Don’t be lazy and skip this step, you will regret it later. Prime any areas you intend to paint. I planned to paint the metal straps on this trunk, so I primed them too. You could always tape off the metal parts if you would like to leave them original. Let the primer dry completely.

Step # 3 – Paint.

unnamed (3)

Paint that trunk like you’re painting your eyebrows on for a hot date. My trunk took two solid coats. I mixed my own chalk style paint using a random white paint by Behr, and some Plaster of Paris. You can find the recipe to my paint here. Don’t forget to paint anywhere inside where the fabric will not cover. Or paint the whole inside if you aren’t ready to tackle fabric yet. I don’t need to explain how to paint, do I? Just paint it. The whole thing, using long smooth strokes. Let it dry completely.

Step # 4 – Details

unnamed (5)

My client wanted a white and gold trunk – so I decided to paint all of the metal trim a nice fresh gold. I used Dazzling Metallics paint in Venetian Gold – one of my favorites. It’s gold without looking cheap and fake. To paint details I usually just use a small paint brush and freehand. But, if you feel like you don’t have a steady hand just tape off around the edges – make sure your paint is absolutely completely dry though. Otherwise the tape will peel off all of your hard work and you will want to cry and drink a bottle of wine. I sometimes tape wet paint on purpose if you get my drift.

unnamed (6)

My client also wanted some little gold curly-fun-thingys on her trunk. So I used a stencil and the same gold paint to add some. You do whatever you’d like. Add some fun stencils, or be boring and don’t. Just depends on how cute you want your trunk to look. After I was done painting the metal, and adding the curly-fun-thingys, I covered the whole trunk in a glaze and wiped it off. My favorite glaze is Valspar Antiquing Glaze (found at Lowes). Glazing is easy – just take it in sections. Paint it on a section, covering it completely, wait a few seconds, then wipe it off with paper towel. The glaze will stick into all of the nooks and crannies making your piece look old. You can even wipe it off with baby wipes if you would like your painted areas to appear cleaner and not as dirty as the details.

unnamed (8)

Glaze is not as scary as you think. See how it sticks into all the right places?

unnamed (11)

Step #5 – Fabric inside.

unnamed (12)

Ugh, I already know I’m not going to do a good job of explaining this – but try to follow me. I went to Joanne’s and picked out some cute coral fabric. Then I measured each place that would get covered in the fabric. I used a straight edge and drew out each square of fabric, then cut them out. Then all you need to do is cover the section with decopauge and lay the fabric square in the appropriate place. Smooth out and bumps and bubbles, and make sure you line up the fabric as perfectly as you can. Also make sure all the edges are glued down. Do this to all of the areas inside that will get fabric. That’s it. Let it dry completely.

Step #6 – Random annoying things.

unnamed (13)

I had to do a few more things to this trunk. The handles were broken off so I found some new ones online and replaced them. I also added that little thingy where you slide labels into it – I have no idea what that is called. If someone knows, please tell me. I would appreciate it.

So that’s it – how to refinish a trunk. I’m not the best at explaining things, but I try! See how cute the trunk is now? It’s so cute I could punch you in the face and not even care.



unnamed (14)

I know the pictures aren’t the best. My work space is a mess and I was trying to capture as little of it as I possibly could. Don’t you judge me. Come clean it for me then we’ll talk.

Until Next Time….

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Let’s Make Pretty Things

Soooo… yeah. It’s been awhile since my last blog. I don’t post unless I have something worth posting – and I haven’t. So I didn’t. Get off my back.

Let’s get right down to it. Do you like making shit?? Holy smokes, ME too!

My house is rather small (one day we will build a bigger one) and I don’t have much room for anything. I really wanted a little office area where I could work on quotes and blog posts – so I created one on a wall in the spare bedroom. I have been in the pool all week and I needed to take a break from the sun today….so I decided to take a trip to Michael’s (one of the best places on earth). I wanted to make something fun to hang above my desk – here’s what I came up with.

The first project I did was a flower monogram wreath. So super simple that even your nephew could do it. You don’t have a nephew? Exactly.

unnamed (1)

Here’s what you will need for this project:

  • A piece of cardboard in the size of your choice
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue sticks for that glue gun
  • Fake flowers – a whole bunch of em’

Using the pencil, draw out the letter you would like to use on to the cardboard. Next, cut the letter out.

unnamed (2)

My flowers had stems so I had to cut all of the flower heads off before gluing. Start gluing those pretty little flowers on the cardboard letter, making sure to cover as much of the cardboard as you can.

unnamed (3)

Cover the whole dang thing – then you’re done. See how easy it is? I decided to hang mine in the center of an old frame that I spray painted gray. OMGYOUGUYS – I almost forgot to tell you about my new best-ever find – Krylon Chalky Finish spray paint!!! Best shit ever. I painted the gray frame with this stuff and it really does feel like chalk paint. I’m not sure how it would work on furniture – but for small projects its a MUST. Did you hear me?? Go buy some. Thank me later.

Krylon-Chalky-Spray-PaintOkay, on to the next easy project. Do you love big pretty memo boards? ME TOO. But every time I find one I love, it costs 3 years salary. These things are crazy expensive – especially for the giant ones. WELL CRY NO MORE – RINA IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY. I was walking through home depot one day and came across some foam board. It was only $20 for a big ass piece – and I thought “I can do something with this”. Well, I was right. I made a memo board – actually I made three. AND YOU CAN TOO!!

unnamed (4)For this project you will need:

  • Giant piece of foam board from Home Depot
  • Enough fabric to cover the board size of your choice
  • Staple gun
  • Staples for that staple gun
  • Iron & ironing board
  • Box cutter or something equally as sharp

First things first, you have to iron that fabric. You don’t want your board to be all wrinkly – unless you don’t care you lazy turd, then skip this step. I don’t care.

unnamed (5)

After that fabric is wrinkle free, lay it out on the floor pattern side down. Using the box cutter (scissors won’t work, I dare you to try), cut your foam board into the size you would like. Place your foam board on the fabric in the center and wrap the fabric around to the back. Staple the fabric down to the board – repeating this along all sides. Make sure your fabric is straight and pull it tight – bulges are only good in jeans. Just saying.

11738002_10152979655597606_3123104622174286809_n 11745402_10152979655677606_2008795213279799944_n

Once it is fully covered and stapled – you’re done. I know, so easy. You can add some hooks to the back if you’d like to hang it that way – but I just nailed it right to the wall. Now I know it won’t fall down when I pack it full of memos!

Look how cute it looks?! (Ignore Walter, he’s a little camera whore).

unnamed (6)So that’s what I did all day. Oh – and I bought this amazing chair…

unnamed (7)I know – right?!? I love it too. I am putting it up for sale – although I hope it doesn’t sell. I’d love to keep it for myself. I would love to put it in my walk in closet one day – I don’t have one right now, so that’s why I’m selling it. But one day.

I will get my walk-in closet.

I will.

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Sassy Secrets

Let’s take a break from furniture for a hot minute. When I first started this blog I decided I was going to write about whatever I wanted.. whatever I was feeling, liking, doing.. anything my little heart desired. Although I LOVE furniture, I am also passionate about so many other things; baking, cooking, fashion, makeup, music, art – just to name a few. I get asked questions about my makeup every day. The question I hear most is “what kind of mascara do you use?”. With the holidays right around the corner, I decided to let you in on some of my beauty secrets. I know we all want to look like Santa’s sexy mistress while attending Christmas festivities. Christmas is a time for sparkle, glam, and beauty. Usually I’m either working at the bar – or I’m working at home, covered in paint and sweat. Whenever I get to leave my house and do something non-work related.. I like to get all dolled up. I love makeup – and I love dressing up. (Just because I never get the time to do so anymore).

So…. I’m going to give you the lowdown on some of my favorite beauty products. Even if you’re not the girly type, these would make great Christmas gifts for someone who is. I know this post has nothing to do with furniture – but… I DON’T CARE.

First things first. Lets scrub that dirty face. Before a night out, I always use Apricot Scrub by St. Ives on my face. It scrubs away all of the sin dead and dry skin, freshens my complexion, and gives me baby-butt-soft skin. I absolutely love this scrub, I swear by it. After using it, my makeup goes on smooth – like butta. I usually buy it at CVS… but you can also find it on Amazon.

Best shit ever.

Next… I always apply lotion before my makeup. Make sure to use an oil-free face lotion. Trust me. If not, your face will feel heavy and greasy all day long.

I tend to get dark circles under my eyes – because I get no sleep – but that’s okay because I can just cover them up. I use Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer in fair to cover dark circles, blemishes, and any other imperfections. I put some under my eye in a v shape and pat it until blended. It does the trick – makes me look well rested. I don’t really like to cake on a lot of foundation, and I never use liquid foundation. It just feels so heavy on my face. So I use Covergirl Simply Powder Foundation. It’s a lightweight powder that covers like a liquid foundation. I have worn the same foundation for years now, and I can’t find anything that comes close. It covers so well and looks so natural. I find both of these at CVS as well.


Affordable concealer


My favorite foundation

I LOVE EYE SHADOW. I collect it. I can’t get enough – same with nail polish. I have tried all different brands of eye shadow – from super cheap to outrageously expensive. Don’t waste your money on expensive eye shadow. The best bang for your buck is e.l.f. (eyeslipsface) eyeshadow. IM OBSESSED with their mineral eye shadow pots. Color shows up well, stays all day, and even has some shimmer to it. I swear by their products and have every shade of eye shadow they offer. My favorite two are Smoldering and Royal. Royal is a shade of purple, and Smoldering is a grayish color. Perfect shadow to give you a pretty smokey eye and make everyone want to sleep with you. Check out all of their products here!


Royal by e.l.f.


Smoldering by e.l.f.

Okay.. now this next product is my favorite. I rarely tell anyone about this because I want to keep it all for myself – so don’t ever say I never gave you anything. Physicians Formula Eyebrightener is the best shit ever. Use it on your lid and then put a darker color in your crease. Also use this magic pretty powder under your eyebrow and in the corner of your eyes. BAM! professional looking makeup. Brightens those lazy eyes right up. So easy to use, and worth every penny. I often get asked about the shadow under my eyebrows – and I often lie… until now. I used to buy this stuff at CVS, and now I can’t find it there. But Amazon carries it – thank God.


Buy this for your tired boring eyes.



Now… time for the most serious part of this post. LASHES. I have a slight obsession with falsies. Although I never admit it in public, I wear falsies a lot. The absolute best affordable lashes are Revlon lashes – my favorite style is called “Intensifying”. Guuuuurl, seriously go get some. They look so natural and pretty. Not like other lashes that look like black fuzzy caterpillars humping your eyelids. No one can ever tell that I’m even wearing lashes (big dummies). They are also so easy to put on. If you’re beauty challenged they come with sticky strips – so you literally just stick them on like stickers. No glue needed. It doesn’t get any easier. And you guessed it.. you can find these at CVS.

Obviously my favorite store for beauty products is CVS. I love Ulta and Sephora for the occasional shopping trip.. but I never really found the point in buying overpriced makeup. There are so many affordable products out there that offer the same effect as the expensive ones – why waste the money?

BABY LIPS. BUY SOME (at CVS, duh.) That’s all I have to say about that.


You’re about to go to a work Christmas party.. you have this sassy little red lace dress you want to wear… the cute guy from accounting will be there and you want to look extra hot.. You put on that dress, and MOTHER EFFER.. your legs are so white and gross that you could blind a whole city. What do you do? Don’t grab those pants… grab some Airbrush Legs by Sally Hanson. Sounds silly… SO AWESOME. I use this magic spray anytime I wear a dress. Automatically makes your legs look tan, sleek, and sexy. Perfect for those winter months when your legs don’t see the sun.


Make those pasty legs sexy!

So there you have it. These are just a few of my favorite beauty products. Get some, try them out, go to that Christmas party feeling like the hot bombshell you are. Seriously, try some of these out and send me pictures. I’ll share them on my page. Maybe you have some favorite products that I should try – let me know!!

Until next time…

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Booger Nose

I’m still here. I hate everyone, but I’m still here.

I’m at home today with a sinus infection and an upper respiratory infection, awesome. Although I’m not getting much done.. I do finally have time to update my blog. Where do I start? I’ve been so busy! Bar, furniture, classes, projects, vintage market, baking, anythingIcanfitinmyday. I have so much to fill you in on. I’ll never get to it all in one post, but I’ll try.

So we (my mother-in-law and I) hosted the second Vintage Market this past October – what a great turnout! We had so many great vendors and everything was so cutely decorated for fall. My booth was almost completely sold out by noon – what a great day! Thank you to everyone who came out to support our event!1415656072328 (2)1415655979096 14156560150381415656115267 1415656320342

My head hurts.

Okay what’s next… the bar. So we finally opened the bar – Bierkeller Tavern & Eatery – and things are going great. We are so busy every night, and everyone really seems to be enjoying it! We did most of the work ourselves and even made our own penny top bar! I’ve gotten a lot of questions on the penny top bar, and it’s so much easier than it looks! Simply use Elmers glue to glue all of your pennies down on your surface. Once that is dry, brush on a layer of epoxy. And after that is dry, pour the rest of the epoxy on. The epoxy is pretty easy to work with – it self levels so you don’t have to worry about making it all even. We bought the epoxy from HERE. If you’re interested in creating something with a penny top – or anything you want really – check out BestBarTopEpoxy.com for tutorials and supplies.


Pouring the penny top bar!


Mark is hard at work staining our custom tables.


Opening day at Bierkeller.

You can like Bierkellers Facebook page for more photos and lots of updates! http://www.facebook.com/BierkellerTavern

I was going to write a lot more.. and say lots of witty and fun things. The more I write, the more I regret doing a blog post right now. I just feel like hot garbage. I just wanted to take the time to give you all a quick update. All I do is work, but I like it. I’m staying busy with custom pieces, the bar, classes, and my own remodels. In closing.. here are some more pictures of recent pieces I have completed. Sorry this post sucked – #sorrynotsorry


A vintage vanity I recently completed.


An old wardrobe with fresh paint!


An old Victrola turned into a bar!


I know build custom trays! How pretty are these vintage French ones?!


Before – an old, broken organ.


After – organ turned into a bar/desk/display piece.. whatever you want!


Annnnnndd… thats all for tonight. Its time to take some NyQuil and put a chick flick on.

Until next time…

unnamed (1)


Full of Secrets (Part 2)

Have I left you hanging long enough? Are you ready for more of my favorite products? Well… too bad, you’re SOL!! Just kidding.. I’m not good at keeping secrets. Like at all. Especially when someone tells me a mind-blowing, crazy, dramatic secret. How am I supposed to keep that sh*t to myself? Why should they be the only one having all the fun telling secrets? It’s bull if you ask me. So I always share secrets with others, it’s only fair.

One of the first things you do when refinishing a piece is sand it – and I ain’t got time or patience to sand that sh*t by hand. You don’t always have to sand a piece, but I definitely recommend it. Chalk paint sticks to pretty much anything – and when I use milk paint I add the extra bond if I don’t want the piece to be too chippy. Sweet Pickins sells a great extra bond to go along with her milk paint. But despite all of this, I usually always sand (even just a little). This will give the paint something to stick to. Sometimes paint easily scratches off if the surface isn’t roughed up a little first. My favorite hand sander is the Black+Decker Mouse Detail Sander – click the link here to learn more about it. I love this little sander – good things come in small packages. It’s powerful and great for getting into the corners due to its shape. I can use this sander with coarse grit sandpaper for removal of old finishes.. or I can use it with fine grit for smoothing and finishing. This sander is totes cute – and it’s named after a mouse. No brainer – buy that super cute sander. Duh.


See.. they are totally the same. I can’t even tell the difference.

If you know me, you know I love metallics! (I’m into anything flashy and hoochie). Sometimes I love to paint a whole piece using metallic paint, and other times I think just painting the details with metallic adds something special and unique. Silver, gold, bronze.. I love it all. (Add rhinestones, glitter, or sequins, and make it a complete drag-queen dazzle show – I’m all about it). But for my customers, I tone it down. Metallics done in the right way make a piece feel fancy, expensive, and sassy. My favorite metallic spray paint is Valspar metallics – and my favorite metallic paint to brush on is Liquid Metals by Sargent Art.  Both paints dry super shiny. I have used other products and find I just can’t get the sheen I would like. But these – well get out your sunglasses, girl.

shopping             shopping (1)

I know I’ve talked about my favorite clear wax before, but what about my favorite dark wax? I’ve tried a few different brands, and have even made my own – (Yep, you can make it. Mix clear wax with some wood stain in a small container) But my favorite one to use is Sweet Pickins wax in Jacobean. I find it’s very easy to work with and I really like the color! I always wax a piece with clear wax before using the dark wax. Otherwise its very hard to manipulate, and it stains the paint on your piece. When you’re done waxing, clean your damn brush. Don’t be lazy like me and waste your money on buying the same brush over and over. CLEAN YOUR DAMN BRUSH. Lye Soap is perfect for cleaning your wax brushes, buy some here.


Sweet Pickins Supreme Wax Polish

Sometimes I like to leave the tops of pieces a dark stained wood, and paint the rest. I really like to do this with buffets, especially if I want them to look a little classier. My favorite stain to use on tops of dressers, buffets, etc, is General Finishes Java Gel Stain. It produces a nice rich color, and goes on very smooth. It dries a little flat so I always use a nice shiny poly over top. I find the gel is super easy to work with and can be less intimidating than your average liquid stain. Try it out – you’ll probably like it. If you hate it, well, keep that to yourself. I don’t care to know.

shopping (2)

OHMYGAWD – the last product is a must have. DO YOU HEAR ME?? Go buy this now. Tack Cloths!! These sticky cloths pick up everything. Use them after cleaning the piece to pick up any dust/dirt/lint your lazy arms may have missed. Use these after sanding to pick up all of that annoying sanding residue. Use them before staining a surface just to make sure its completely clean. These can be used on pretty much any paint and they don’t contain any wax or silicone. I can’t speak highly enough of these cloths, honestly a game changer. You can find these magic cloths here. 


Love these sticky little guys.

And there you have it. Some more of my must have products. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU?? Geez, you’re a needy baish. I’ll share some more of my favorite things in a few posts from now. If you want to read part 1 of this please click here.

I’m off to work on some more market pieces. The Vintage Market is in 9 days and I’m not nearly ready. I’ve had stress poops for at least a week now. Ugh. See you there!

Until next time…

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