Holy Blog!


I have been contemplating the idea of a blog for about a year now. Everyone always tells me “Ya know, you should have a blog”. I got to thinking.. perhaps everyone is right. So here we are… trying to blog. (Key word “trying”). Don’t laugh at me.

So – why blogging? Well, number one: I restore and refinish old furniture. To me, I imagine what I do is kind of like what hunting is to men. I stalk my prey all over – online, estate sales, thrift stores, etc – until I find the perfect piece. It’s exciting, the hunt. I never settle, I always go for the “buck”. After I find the perfect old piece I drag it back to my workshop to refinish. Once I work my magic, it’s ready to sell. (If I don’t end up keeping it. They are so hard to give away). I will use this blog mostly to feature my furniture. I would love to show you the whole process from start to finish.

AND second – I have SO MANY IDEAS. My mind is full of creative garbage, and I would like to share that garbage with all of you. (You’re welcome). I need people to share my ideas with.. and when they fail, I need you all to tell me how I can make things work. Also, I get a lot of questions about things I post on my Facebook that have nothing to do with furniture. Sometimes recipes, arts and crafts, gift ideas, whatever! I’m an open book. Whatever I create, you can too. I’ll post all of my projects with directions, and lots of pictures too.

This will be my personal outlet for anything I want! No rules. (You don’t even have to wear pants). I’m an informal kind of girl.

So… here we are. Hopefully we become friends. I’ll close my first blog with a recent piece I just refinished. This vanity was super rough when I found it, had a lot of damage. After an intense amount of sanding, and a few coats of pretty pink paint, it was beautiful again. For this vanity I mixed my own custom color of chalk paint, I lightly distressed it, and finally I glazed it. I seal all my pieces, a few different ways, but this one was sealed with wax. I also added new knobs and pretty paper inside the drawers. This vanity is now in the bedroom of a beautiful little princess and she loves it! (we played dress up when I delivered it). It makes me happy to know she will grow up with this and put it to good use.

unnamed (1)



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