Chalk Paint – I put that sh*t on everything

I love to refinish stuff.. Doesn’t matter what it is. Furniture, old windows, picture frames, bottles, mirrors – you can chalk paint anything!! I’m becoming a crazy old junk lady – because I can see potential in almost everything. I have tried different brands of chalk paint, such as Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and CeCe Caldwell Paints, but I always come back to mixing my own. I love mixing my own paint. I can create the colors I want, and I can make it as chalky as I’d like. Sometimes I prefer a very chalky finish, and with other pieces I prefer a smoother finish.

A couple of months ago I received a call from Brittney – the owner of Instinct Salon in Flat Rock, MI. She had recently opened her salon and the previous owners left behind an old desk. Well, their trash was her treasure! This piece was a bit harder to refinish. The desk wasn’t solid wood, but rather compressed composite board. Any surface damage, such as scratches and dings, really couldn’t be sanded out. Once you start sanding composite board it kind of just shreds. I find it extremely hard to get a smooth surface once you get into sanding. And although chalk paint sticks to anything – it sticks better to nice, porous wood.

Although you run into some hurdles while refinishing non-wood pieces, I took on this project anyway. I picked up her desk and a filing cabinet and brought it to my warehouse. I do a lot of work out of my workshop at home, but for bigger pieces I take them to my warehouse. ( I feel like I can be more creative at home when I’m able to be lazy relaxed). I was so nervous with this furniture. When distressing, usually you can sand off small amounts at a time, almost in layers – creating a very naturally distressed look. Since composite board has a wood laminate on top, it is very slick, and the paint comes off in chips. But I loved the finished product and so did Brittney. The revamped desk made her office look brighter and prettier right away. When I delivered she was in the process of painting her office – I can’t wait to see the whole finished project!

Anywho – If you’re in the metro Detroit area you have to check out Instinct Salon! It’s absolutely beautiful. Everything is newly remodeled and they have a very friendly and experienced staff.  I love it!!

Instinct Salon – 25471 Telegraph, Flat Rock, Michigan 48134 – (734) 782-7033

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