Busy B (not bee, just B)

First of all, I can’t believe its almost JUNE! Where does the time go? There should be 8 days in a week.. an extra day added for the sole purpose of relaxing. Nothing else. I have never been so busy in my life. It’s been quite some time since my last blog post due to everyone I know getting married. Not literally, but almost. Before I get into what I’ve been working on lately, lets just take a minute to talk about all of the fun I’ve been having!! The past month has gone a little like this:

About 4 weeks ago I had a wedding shower to attend, for one of my very best friends Laura. Her sister threw her a beautiful shower at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, Los Galanes, in Mexican town. For her gift I made her a Wedding Day Survival Kit. I found a super cute leather box from Target and filled it with things such as: a bridal robe, vodka, aspirin, lip gloss, bobby pins, razor and shaving cream, deodorant, snacks, stain remover, wrinkle release, makeup remover, first aid kit, sewing kit.. and too many other things to name. I loaded the box up with everything she may (or may not) need on her wedding day. This was a super cute idea I found here. I just tweaked it a bit to fit my bride. Simple idea for a great personalized gift. I don’t know about you.. but I’d rather give something fun and personalized over a set of sheets any day!


The very next weekend I had a bachelorette party to attend – for my very good friend Emily. We started the evening at her house with cocktails and great conversation. A limo picked us up and took all of us to Joey’s Comedy Club where we had an excellent dinner, several more cocktails, laughed our asses off, and danced away the calories. Although we all had fun, NO ONE had as much fun as Emily did. For Emily’s party someone had made Fuzzy Bears – vodka soaked gummy bears. They were amazing! And since then I have made them twice. You can find the directions here. So easy and SO CUTE!


The following weekend was ANOTHER bachelorette party. I know, this is why I can’t get any work done.. I’m too busy drinking! (I wish I were kidding, haha) It was now Laura’s turn to celebrate her final few weeks as a single woman. We started the day off with a Tigers game in downtown Detroit. Although I got burned to a crisp, it was a great time. After that we went to dinner at Fishbones in Greek town – one of my most favorite places ever. We then checked into our hotel room, freshened up, put on some sparkly outfits, and had some celebratory drinks. We spent the remainder of the evening bar hopping downtown and dancing until our feet hurt. We had so much fun, even getting our characterture done at 3 am. For Laura’s gift I made her a puke bucket! Sounds gross but it was super cute and oh so easy to make. I found a bucket from Hobby Lobby and personalized the front. I filled it with saltine crackers, Gatorade, water, Motrin, Goldfish, Easy Mac, Band-Aids, mouth wash, Tums, Gum, and a few other fun things. I also made her the funnest cake ever – topped with a puking barbie and big pink bow.


The following weekend was Emily and Matt’s wedding! We had so much fun. Absolutely beautiful wedding, and I loved all of her personal touches. I am so happy for my friends, and Emily made such a beautiful bride!


Okay.. last big event of the month. This past Saturday Laura’s wedding finally arrived, which I had the honor of standing up in. Laura and Ken put so much time and effort into their wedding – and you could really tell. I loved all of the personalized touches, and their vows were simply beautiful. I was so happy that I had the privilege of being her bridesmaid. I am still sore from dancing all night Saturday!

1010085_10152084179677606_8110597407478582006_n 10382653_10152084657897606_6124887233197120202_n10341699_10202087246608117_2684866536874096694_n10364032_10152084573017606_6075474997281111078_n 10366023_10152084074902606_39769641898315345_n  10403695_10152084314842606_7508113589471791043_n

I also made this cute little end table for Laura’s wedding. It was used at her ceremony to hold programs, pictures, and bird seed. It was so cute and worked perfectly. endtable

Soooooo.. now that I am all partied out it’s time to get back to work. I have finished several pieces in the last few weeks.. but just couldn’t seem to find the time to post them. Lets just get down to business, shall we?

The first piece I’d like to show you is an antique buffet. This was pretty scratched up, and missing most of the hardware. I started by sanding the top and staining it a dark ebony. I then painted the body an antique white – with a chalk paint I mixed myself. After that was dry I very lightly distressed and glazed the whole piece with a dark glaze. I found pretty new hardware with a little sparkle. This buffet turned out so beautiful. Pictures do it no justice. There was  so much detail – you never noticed until the glaze brought it all out. Just stunning. this piece was sold quickly. My customer sent me a picture of the buffet in her home.. and I think it just looks perfect!!



The next piece I refinished was this China cabinet. I neglected to take a “before” picture – and I really wish I had. this piece was so old and ugly. I painted this white, and heavily glazed it. The inside is lined with a raised copper paneling. This has already been sold and it looks gorgeous in its new home. You should see this in the dark all lit up! One of my favorite pieces.


There are too many other finished pieces to talk about right now. I’ll do another post this week and show you what I’ve been working on. I am also starting to sell these adorable Mason jar vases. They are BIG – perfect for a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers. I have tons, and in every color! I’m getting ready for a few fairs and trade shows this summer – so I decided its time to bring in some smaller items. I have a few more pretty awesome things up my sleeve too. I will post them soon.

10334242_10152074992042606_694244631679773742_n  masonjar masonjar2

I received this fortune a couple weeks ago in a fortune cookie – I’m keeping it (and I may even frame it) in hopes that it is true.



I hope you are enjoying your summer so far.


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