Big News… Like, BIG.

I have been working very hard on a special secret project. Well, now I can finally announce my big news! Reimagined Restorations is teaming up with Angela from Wicked Finds this summer – to bring you the 1st Annual Vintage Summer Market!! Our idea was finally approved by the city yesterday and I AM SO EFFING EXCITED. This is something we have been wanting to do for so long. Angela is my soon to be mother-in-law, and every time we get together we like to talk business (she loves junkin’ just as much as I do). We wanted to bring a vintage shopping event to the downriver area. There’s nothing like that here, right? In our travels of antiquing, picking, and junking, we see communities come together to host beautiful flea markets. We thought – why not do something like that here? The Trenton Cultural Center is the perfect backdrop – with an old barn, garden, and Victorian home. We wanted a market to promote all of the local shops and businesses we love so much (it doesn’t hurt that we will be promoted to, see how that works?) AND NOW WE HAVE ONE! I will add this event to my calendar page. You can find the event on Facebook too! And we update our vendor list every day… so check back often. Click here to check out our totally awesome vintage summer market! OH! I almost forgot. The News Herald interviewed us today.. so we will be in the FREAKIN NEWSPAPER. I’ll let you know when to look for us! Shut the front door. 10450823_10152112165587606_8014289450831090167_nSoooo.. Needless to say, I have a butt load of work to do. I have SO MUCH TO DO. Not only do I have to get all of the vendors together, advertise the event, organize the event, and manage it all..  I also have to make things to fill my booth! Lots of furniture, and lots of home decor. Speaking of which – I went to Midland Antique Festival, and man.. I was in heaven. Never have I seen so many junkers all in one place. I snagged some pretty good stuff. (All of which will be for sale at MY SUMMER MARKET!!!) Here is a sneak peak at some of the gems I found. I have little projects in mind for almost every item. Stay tuned for home decor porn. 10307198_10152102533452606_732345292437346369_n (1)I have also been working hard on my mason jars – and have a bunch of new colors and styles coming out (I’ll show you soon). I will also be making mini chalk boards – so cute, duh. I plan to make a ton of these and bring them with me to the market. Don’t worry! Of course you can buy one at any time – in any color you want.

10425507_10152100241012606_3641179499064218341_n  10313720_10152096491037606_8912995184528856812_n

So yeah. I’m pretty excited I’VE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED IN MY LIFE. I can’t wait until the market and I hope to see you all there. Seriously though, you better show up. I will leave you with two little sneak peeks of current projects. 1520802_10152091700887606_90426669259092709_n  10294304_10152097664302606_8507051709880410728_n

Stay classy.

unnamed (1)

3 thoughts on “Big News… Like, BIG.

  1. Good luck with the market. How often will it run or will it be just a one day thing.

    Check out my Tumblr blog called Flea Market Flips. It might be right up your alley.

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