Mad for Metallics

Although I complain about being busy all of the time.. I still somehow manage to find the time to waste an hour spend all day on Pinterest. It’s beyond addicting. I love pinning all of the projects I’ll never do, all of the recipes I’ll never cook, and all of the homes I’ll never own. Of course, my favorite category on Pinterest is home decor / furniture. (I have my dream farm-house all planned out in my head). I’ve noticed that DIY metallic items are trending. And if you know me, you know that I love anything with a little sparkle.. especially glitter, but as an adult I feel like it may be time to give up glitter (only when it comes to home decor, I’ll never be too old for glitter nail polish). Metallics are the next best thing to glitter! So I decided to try this trend out myself (and believe me, if I can do it so can you).

Lets start with something simple. Metallic mason jars!! I use jumbo jars because I love using them as flower vases. All you need is Valspar Gold Spray Paint, a mason jar, and some news paper. If you were smart, and apparently I’m not, you would wear GLOVES!! These hand coverings are still obviously something foreign to me… because I. Never. Wear. Gloves. I have been walking around with faded gold, poopish brown hands for two days now. Don’t be like me. Anyways, Lay your newspaper down on the side-walk and stand your jar upside down on the newspaper. Spray your jar all over and wait for it to dry. It’s that easy. I love this spray paint because I didn’t notice any drips and it covered really well. It is also very shiny once dry. I tied some twine into a bow around the top of my jar just for a little something extra. How pretty is this jar full with fresh roses?

1405961029314Trust me when I say, once you metallic one thing you can’t stop there. My next metallic project was a little end table. This end table has been in my work room for almost a year, I just couldn’t decide what to do with it. I am glad I saved it because it looks perfect gold! For the table I used the same Valspar Gold Spray Paint. Make sure to prime your piece before spray painting, otherwise you will see any flaws in the wood through the paint. I primed, sprayed, and waited for what seemed like forever an hour for my table to dry. This was my final outcome (I’m obsessed). I can’t even tell you how good this paint looks in person, it’s so shiny. I highly recommend it.

1405961184504Although I was busy spray painting anything I could get my gold, little hands on.. I did manage to get a big piece finished too (And of course I had to add little details of metallic gold). I used to hate gold, but now I think its my favorite. For this dresser I sanded it all down, washed it to make sure no dust and dirt was left behind, painted it with a custom color of pink chalk paint, hand painted the gold accents, and then sealed it all with a clear wax. I wanted the gold to look like gold leaf without the expensive cost. I found some fantastic paint on Amazon called Liquid Metal. I bought three different colors (for the dresser I used Gold, but I can’t wait to try the other colors). The Liquid Metal paint covered nicely and dried pretty shiny. I was afraid it would fall flat once dry, but it didn’t. Yay!

1405961142803I am so in love with this dresser.. it is going to be hard to sell this one, I want to keep it alllll to myself. How pretty would this be in a walk in closet? With old perfume bottles displayed on top.. maybe a jewelry box. I’m a sucker for anything glamorous. This piece will be for sale at the Vintage Summer Market.. and speaking of the market, its less than a month away now!! I’m actually holding a contest on my Facebook page – you can enter to win $50 to spend at my booth. Hurry and enter! The contest ends August 1st. I hope you all stop by my booth and say hi, I’d love to meet you.

Until next time….

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