Market Stress Poops


I have been working my butt off (I wish this was a literal expression) preparing for the market. Although I have sold a few of my “market pieces” already, I am really starting to build up my stock (finally). I am stressing big time about this market… I’m breaking out, biting my nails, I have stress poops… too much? This is the first time I’ve coordinated a big event like this and I want everything to go perfect. My booth space is pretty big, and I’m a little worried I won’t have enough items to fill the space. I had a dream nightmare last night that we had thousands of people (wouldn’t that be nice) show up to the market.. and I had a giant tent with 5 end tables in it, how embarrassing. I better get my sh*t together.

I want to show you a small preview of a couple of my market items so far… and a few that I have sold this last week. The first items on my list is this little chair and matching end table. The chair was found at a garage sale, and the end table was at the curb on trash day. (Hey, one mans trash is another mans treasure). I cleaned them, sanded them all down, chalk painted them a custom mixed color, hand painted the white details, and clear waxed them to seal. I just love how these turned out.

14060496104561406049533002The next item on my show-and-tell list is this old blanket cabinet. I have no idea if that’s what it’s called. When I picked this up from the previous owner it had blankets in it, so now I will forever call these blanket cabinets. A friend found this beauty for me off Facebook, and it was pretty beat up and worn. I removed the glass and replaced it with chicken wire. I sanded the heck out of this and painted with Duck Egg Blue chalk paint. I have a slight obsession with chicken wire and love how it looks used with furniture. Hand painting all of those white lines was a real b*tch, but I’m glad I did it. Gives it a little extra something. This beauty will be showcased at the Vintage Summer Market.

1406050259275The last piece I’m going to show you today is this little desk and matching chair. The desk is painted in Duck Egg Blue (favorite color, can you tell?) and finished with stenciled French writing on top. New hardware and little white accent wood pieces added some extra character to this desk. I reupholstered the chair and painted it to match, and I just love the way this turned out. I think it would make such a cute addition to any room.

1406049713449That’s it for market pieces. I can’t show you too much! I want to have some surprises, I can’t spoil all of the fun. I have sold a few pieces this past week or two.. even though I know I shouldn’t! I think my favorite piece is this chair. Painted in white and glazed with a dark glaze. I found this awesome fabric on They had so many pretty fabrics it was hard to choose! This chair turned out so pretty and has found its way to a new home.

14060499665271406050047983The last piece I want to show you today is this dresser. A beautiful, ornate, antique dresser I found on Craigslist. Just look at that mirror! This piece was pretty damaged and took a lot of work. Wood filler, sand paper, and muscle. I chalk painted this white and glazed with a custom mixed coffee-colored glaze. I highly recommend using glaze on pieces with a lot of detail – it makes it all pop. I stained the top of this dark and clear waxed the whole piece. I planned on taking this to the market.. but minutes after posting this on my Facebook page I had so many people interested in purchasing I just decided to sell it. I am picking up another dresser today to bring in its place.

1406049448610Do you have anything in particular you would like to see in my booth at the market? Is there a piece you are searching for to finish off your room? Let me know, I’ll try to bring something for you. Also – I am having a contest on my facebook page right now and giving away a FREE piece of furniture. A piece that I will custom finish just for you all for FREE. It’s very easy to enter – you can find all of the details on my page.


Until next time..

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