Full of Secrets (Part 1)

Hey there fancy ladies (and gentleman). I finished a spectacular dresser tonight and posted a picture on Facebook. Soon after, I received a lot of questions about products I use. So I thought I’d take a minute to let you in on my secret must-haves! Here is the majestic dresser I finished today.. this baby is coming to the market with me.


So lets just get right down to business. PAINT. Usually I make my own chalk paint. It’s very simple. Want my recipe? FINE!

unnamedBUT – I just can NOT live without Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue. It is my absolute favorite color to paint with. It goes on smooth, covers well, and it adds a bit of color without being too loud. You can see all of the colors she offers here. You can buy her paints on-line, but if you’re like me.. you want to see it in person first. You can find a list of all the stores who sell her paint here. I love me some Duck Egg Blue – likeforrealthough.

timthumb.phpNext on my list is Sweet Pickins Milk Paint. I have been obsessed with Sweet Pickins ever since I started refinishing furniture. She does fantastic work, has a great website, and her own line of milk paint. The second time I used milk paint it was a disaster. It all flaked off and I had to sand it all down and repaint. But, I’ve been working with it since then and I AM IN LOVE. Don’t be scared of milk paint and look to Sweet Pickins for help. She has a ton of tutorials on her website to help with the intimidating paint. I have a few milk painted pieces ready for the market, and so far my favorite color is called Sweetie Jane and can be found here.

2f29e1575d0de017870fe34ba0ca4682STOP WASTING YOUR DAMN MONEY ON PAINT BRUSHES. Just stop. I have tried every brush under the sun. I used to spend all of my money on brushes in pursuit of the perfect one only to be left with paint bristles all over my piece. That is my least favorite part about refinishing furniture (and painting that backs of things, how boring. I mean, no one even sees the back). My favorite brush to use with chalk paint is the cheap chip brushes from Home Depot. Seriously, they cost less than $1 each, they are smooth and soft, and I love painting with them. I get a couple uses out of each one and I rarely pick brush bristles off of my furniture. Try it, thank me later.


What is my favorite wax you ask? Annie Sloan Clear Wax. Easy to use and I like the finish. Some people spend money on fancy wax brushes.. I have yet to bring myself to join the club. I use cut up old t-shirts. Works just fine. I rub it in real well and wait about 10 minutes, then I rub it out. I don’t buff it because I don’t want that shine. I like to keep my pieces as flat as possible. I’m boring like that. You can purchase Annie Sloan wax here.

wax-clearI get a lot of questions about which glaze I use. THIS HAS BEEN A SECRET UNTIL NOW.. (not really, but it makes me feel cool). I mix my own glaze. I buy Valspar Clear Mixing Glaze from good ol’ Lowes and I mix it with any color wood stain I feel like. Want gray glaze? Want black glaze? Brown? SO MANY OPTIONS. It’s so easy. Pour some glaze into a cup.. add the stain a little at a time. Mix well until you get the color and consistency that you want. Wipe on, wipe off. I use a brush to paint the piece with my glaze, getting in all of the little nooks and crannies, and I use baby wipes to wipe it away.

042397578939lgSo there you have it. The first edition of my favorite things, I’ll share more soon. If there is anything in particular you would like me to share – please yell at me in the comments! Happy painting! Make sure to let me know if you try any of these products and how you liked them. If you hate them.. well, I can’t help you there.

Until next time….

unnamed (1)



18 thoughts on “Full of Secrets (Part 1)

  1. Your work is beautiful. I have done a few pieces with AS Henrietta and Old White paint and clear wax. My question to you is about the glaze. Why glaze? Wouldn’t it be the same thing as using dark wax? I am new to this so just asking. Thank you for sharing your secrets!

  2. I love your work! Thanks for the secrets! I’ve been wanting to try chalk paint but I’m not sure about the 30 days to cure the wax. Does that mean you can’t use the item for 30 days? Not sure I can wait that long on a kitchen table!

  3. I love your work! Thanks for the secrets! I’ve been wanting to try chalk paint but I’m not sure about the 30 days to cure the wax. Does that mean you can’t use the item for 30 days? Not sure I can wait that long on a kitchen table!

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