Slow Your Roll

10580133_677533048991845_8061699046754091424_nOne of the hardest things about refinishing furniture is the criticism from those around me. I have a Facebook page for my business because I enjoy sharing my pieces. I also love getting to know other fellow furniture re-finishers and sharing our secrets. Not to mention all of my wonderful followers who have supported me along my journey. I love, love, love talking to each and every one of them. But – as of late, the rude comments/messages about painting furniture have been increasing daily. I understand that some people prefer natural wood, but I don’t. I love beautiful, ornate, old pieces of furniture covered in a few coats of paint. And guess what? Other people do too! My passion and my business are both based upon painted furniture. Not only is it a form of income for me, but it is something I am truly passionate about. I find it highly disrespectful when someone comments “You will ruin that if you paint it!!” or “It looks better the way it is” or “Why would you paint that ughhhhhhh”. As much as I love reading all of your comments, these negative comments don’t really tickle my fancy. I think I do a pretty good job at painting furniture, and when I am reprimanded for what I do it’s very disheartening. (I mean, this is a painted furniture page, what the eff?)

It really does get tough. When people are rude to me I would love nothing more than to give them a piece of my mind. But (slow-your-roll-girl) this is my business, and I will do my best to remain professional. So from now on – if you see a piece of furniture that you can’t stand to see painted, buy it from me! I will sell it to you in its original state and you will have saved the piece from being “ruined”. But, if you don’t want to purchase it from me.. then keep your negative thoughts to yourself!! If I ask for suggestions on paint colors, please suggest your ideas and thoughts on paint colors. Please don’t comment how I shouldn’t be painting things. Every piece of furniture on my page will always be painted. Always…its just how I roll . And if painted furniture just ain’t your thang… well that’s no problem! But maybe my Facebook page isn’t the right place to take out your aggression on those of us who find beauty in painted furniture. Just sayin’.

We all share different tastes, likes, beliefs, and ideas.. it is important to respect one another despite being different. Treat others with respect. Support one another, and take joy in the success of others. It’s a lot more fun than being critical and negative!! Preach.

Thanks for listening to me vent,

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10 thoughts on “Slow Your Roll

  1. I agree 100%. This is a new era. My grandparents are dead. My parents are dead. All that wood furniture that nobody has room for is glutting the market. It’s COMMON. The world of antiques from as little as 15 years ago has been turned on it’s head. We are much more likely to keep a special piece if it’s updated and pretty.
    Rina you are one of the best artists in this field. And if you can’t say it as a pro, I’ll say it. Just shut up and go away if you don’t like painted furniture. Why are you even here? We don’t care what you think. Go back to brown tiger oak land and stay there.

  2. Rina, We are all artist in our own way when we recreate a piece of furniture. If people don’t like that your are giving an old piece of furniture a new life and a 2nd chance to dazzle and entertain then that’s just to bad. Keep doing what your are doing. God gave you a gift and you should use it.
    Cheers to all of us who find joy in reviving old furniture.

  3. Tina,some people have no vision!! You do a fabulous job at what you do ! So people get a life! Stop telling her how to run her business and stop trying to curb her creativity!

  4. I recently purchased a dresser from an op shop in Australia. The man who served me was mortified that I was going to paint it and almost refused to sell it to me although he was just a volunteer. I returned to the shop later after I had painted it and he commented “oh that’s lovely! Where did you get that?”. He went very quiet when I told him it was infact the piece he sold me!

  5. I am one that likes natural wood BUT you take furniture and make a masterpiece. You are a very talented lady….AND I love your pieces too !!

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