Calm Down Mother Nature

I live in Michigan and we experienced flooding last night LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE. My furniture workshop is in my basement I have my own little room down there with a craft desk, a paint and supplies area, a work station, and even a nice wall to take pictures on. I get home last night and MY BASEMENT IS FLOODED (every market piece I have finished is in that effing basement). When I saw this I wanted to curl up in a ball somewhere and give up. (What does Mama Nature have against painted furniture?). After I was done stress-pooping my pants, Mark and I surveyed the basement just to see how much damage was done. THANK THE LORD I keep my furniture propped up on paint cans. Although it’s just rain water, I am so thankful my pieces were not harmed. I did, however, lose some items that I didn’t plan on bringing with me to the market (I am in mourning today). We filled a box truck up this morning will all of my market pieces and delivered them to another safe location to await market day. In the meantime, we have a lot of work to do to get our basement back in order. I feel bad complaining when other people in my area got hit so much harder.


The neighborhood was completely flooded.


Water World.


I mean, seriously?!

Take a breath, Rina. Relax.

So – The Vintage Summer Market is THIS SATURDAY. Like, doesn’t Mother Nature know how hard I’ve been working on this event? Doesn’t she know I would appreciate dry grounds for our market? Calm down, Baish. Although I should have been pricing and packing everything this past weekend.. I decided to start on a few new pieces. Why not? I only have 5 days until the market, why not start new things that I will stress over getting finished on time… right? Sometimes I’m not sure where my brain is.


Navy and gold metallic buffet table.

So this is the first piece I finished this past weekend. If you know me at all, you know this piece is very unlike me. I wanted to do something a little out of my comfort zone, a statement piece for my booth at the market. I rarely use dark colors but I absolutely love this. In person, the gold is much more metallic and a shiny. (Don’t mind the bad staging. I grabbed whatever was near me to place on top of the buffet and snapped a picture). Creating this look was much easier than I thought it would be. I Just removed the drawers and the doors. Then I primed my  piece. This step is very important if you plan to use metallic spray paint. Without primer, you will see every flaw, or texture difference through the spray paint. Once my primer was dry I just spray painted any areas I wanted metallic. I used Valspar spray paint in metallic gold. Once the spray paint was dry, I just painted everything else with my navy blue chalk paint. I will post a more in-depth tutorial on my next piece, I neglected to take step-by-step pictures during this refinish.


Almost finished gray and white antique cabinet

The next piece I started on is this beautiful cabinet. I know this is a china cabinet, but I always call them blanket cabinets. (I saw a pretty picture once of one of these cabinets full of blankets and it just stuck). I still have to distress this (just a tad), and add the glass back to the door. I am loving this so far. I get a lot of questions about the detail work and how I do it. My only secret is a steady hand, and a small paint brush you feel comfortable with. Finding a good detail brush is like finding oil. I purchased a cheap paint brush from Michaels forever ago and its my go-to brush for detailing. I love how it paints, I love how the bristles fan out to reach right into the little cracks, and I love that it never loses its shape. I couldn’t tell you the brand of this brush if you were to give me a million dollars. But my little trick is to fan out the bristles when painting up close to an edge. Works like a charm.

Well, that’s enough chit-chat for me, time to get back to work. 4 days until the market!! Can you believe it?! If you’re interested in coming to our Vintage Summer Market, you can find more information on our Facebook page here.


Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “Calm Down Mother Nature

  1. Water damage is miserable.
    I’ve been loving it out there today but all I’ve done is sanding sanding and more sanding. I guess I should have gone with chalk paint. ….

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