The Beginning of Something Great

My feet have never hurt so bad in my life. Notevenkidding. Jimmy Choo ain’t got nothin’ on this.

Yesterday was the big day – MARKET DAY!! If you didn’t already know, my (future) mother-in-law (Wicked Finds) and myself planned and organized a Vintage Summer Market. The market is a one day event featuring local small businesses and artists from Michigan. It’s a great shopping event to find vintage inspired home decor, furniture, clothing and accessories, and anything else you could think of. We wanted to create a beautiful event that showcased how talented the people of Michigan truly are. We also wanted something a little different than the average street fair. Something with more room, a beautiful setting. The Trenton Culutral Center was the perfect setting, just beautiful.



So, I have been preparing for this event for months, but this last week has really been crazy. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent packing up smaller items, setting up tents and booth numbers at the venue, moving all of my pieces to one location for pick up, answering questions from all of our vendors, and I decided to take on three new pieces for the market. (What was I thinking). My fiance, Mark, is literally the most amazing and supportive man I have ever met. He worked  from Friday 6am through Saturday 10 pm – with no sleep!! He has a catering and equipment rental company, and had several parties this past weekend. He worked through the night to make sure our tents were set up and my furniture was delivered to the market – and did this all on HIS birthday! He is seriously the best, I couldn’t do what I do without him.

Everyone’s hard work paid off because the event was a huge success! The weather was great, the turnout was fantastic, and I have heard nothing but rave reviews from both vendors and market goers. We worked really hard, and I think we really did put together a beautiful event for the downriver area. I am so happy and proud of how everything turned out!! We are currently discussing the possibility of an October market (I will keep you posted). I think a fall market would be awesome – more holiday decor, cider and donuts, and fun things for the kids.

A lot of you came out to the market yesterday to meet me – and I am so glad you did!! I met so many of you and you were all so nice. I love this little niche of furniture loving, shabby chic and vintage enthusiasts, group of people I have found myself in. I loved all of our discussions about paint and antiques yesterday. I can’t thank you all enough for coming out! For those of you who couldn’t make it – here are some pictures I snapped of my booth at the market!! I hate to say it, but you really missed out on a great event!











There were so many amazing vendors at the market. I only had a minute to step away from my booth – and in that minute I was able to spend too much money. Not kidding. There was everything from clothing, beautiful jewelry, fun mason jar tumblers.. to home decor, furniture, art, paint supplies, children’s clothing, gorgeous sugar cookies, accessories, and even a vintage ice cream truck! I have to bring more help for my booth next time so I can go shopping!! Here are some pictures I snapped of all of the other booths.







10471024_849555111728819_1719086094384674697_n  13622_10204389217919984_4110076607786445337_n


10540415_849555161728814_8668237789508536745_n  10556376_849555141728816_5737537416643177064_n



10563072_10101354589214408_7247031488893340560_n  10577003_849555021728828_302926434102261329_n





Yay market!! Search our awesome vendors on Facebook and check them out!!

Reimagined Restorations (Me)
Wicked Finds
Royal Stained Glass
TuTu Cute
The Little Vinylsaur
Shabby Chic Boutique
Whimsical Garden Art
Humor Me
Wilson Brand
Rehash by Amy
Shelter to Home
Abundant Living Gallery
Daydream Believers
Gracious Seasons
Britzy Thrifty
Feathers Nest
Andreas Cookie Jar
Kettle Corn of Michigan
Boston Tea Room
Scentsy by Stephanie
Shabby Chic Boutique
Simply B Vintage
Flowerchild Herbs
Rachel’s Rehab Attic
Eight29 Design
Detroit Rockabetty
Nice Stems Glassware
Chasing the Ravens
Witchy Sisters
Silk Thumb
Total Party Planning
Urban Solstice
Michael B Anthony
Downriver Grille
19th & Lindberg Candles
Big Brad’s Creations
Papa’s Rag Rugs
Cowgirl Dreams
M&M Designs
Detroit Rose
It’s a Stitch!
Mama Coo’s Boutique
Painted Vintage Home
Posh & Plum
Until next time…unnamed (1)

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