Coffee Mugs and Sweaty Pigs

So.. Lets talk a little off the subject of furniture.

Hello, I’m Rina. I am 28 years young (birthday is August 29th and I’ll be one step closer to becoming an old lady) and I live just outside of Detroit. Furniture is one of my passions in life – as well as singing, dirty jokes, shoes, my baby animals, discovering new places, my fiance Mark, and coffee mugs. (I have a slight obsession with coffee mugs. They’re cute – get off me). Currently I work for Ryder Logistics – but I have recently put in my notice to quit! I will be running my furniture business full-time, as well as the bar I just purchased with Mark. (Bierkeller Tavern) Yep. Never thought I’d be in the bar business, but I could not be more excited. When I’m not working I love to sing karaoke, spend time with friends, read awesome books, travel to new places, and enjoy a martini or two (four). I love my mom, she’s my best friend, and she helps me a lot with furniture. I look to her for advice and inspiration. My sister (Allie) is fantastic as well – and has been a magnificent help with Reimagined Restorations. While I’m at work all day she is the one out picking up furniture – she’s a lot of the muscle behind this operation. I can’t even begin to tell you how much Mark has helped out with my business. I couldn’t do what I do without each one of them. I am an outgoing and friendly person (mostly). I love to meet new people, and I always love making new friends. I am a little super weird, very eccentric, and with age I have learned just to be myself. I’m at a great place in my life and I am looking forward to doing this (furniture thing) full-time. So that’s me in a nut shell, a very small nut shell.

And now for some sexy pictures for you to look at. I have (Allie) has been delivering furniture all week. She’s busy delivering pieces that were purchased at the market. My customers are sending me pictures of my items in their new homes – and it’s super awesome. I always love to see how someone used my piece to decorate, or the colors of the room it went in, or how my piece of furniture makes a statement. Just love it – and I’m a sharer.

Okay – so this first photo isn’t actually furniture, I get it. But how GORGEOUS is the mirror in this nursery?! Yep, I refinished that mirror (pat on the back). I love how it turned out and I’m so happy to see it put to good use. It’s stunning. I wish I could take credit for decorating this beautiful room, but I have to give credit to Renee Kaiser. Her daughter, Chelsea, purchased this mirror from me at the Vintage Summer Market. Thanks again Chelsea!

1408557257197This next piece was purchased by a customer of mine, Stacy. I love how she decorated with this pretty vase – the flowers are gorgeous. I had a lot of people inquire about this dresser – but Stacy got to it first. I’m happy it’s in a new pretty home.


1408557342609And last for today is this beautiful little end table. I wish I had a before picture of this – you wouldn’t even recognize it. Painted duck egg blue and trimmed in silver. I added a mirror top and it just looks glamorous in Courtney’s living room. It looks as if it were made specifically for this spot. Nice decorating, Courtney!



Even though the Vintage Summer Market was a ton of work, (I ran around looking like a sweaty pig the whole day) I loved every minute of it. And that’s why we are now gearing up for the Vintage Fall Market!! YES, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN – another market!! If you missed out on the last one, you definitely won’t want to miss this one. And if you happen to be a vendor in Michigan, and you would like to participate, please send me a message!! As a shopper, you definitely want to like our Facebook page. We will post all of the vendors – and do giveaways where you could win market spending money!  You can find more information if you click here.  1408547841120_resized

Until next time…

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