Turning Fugly Into Fancy Schmancy

Well hello there gorgeous, it’s been awhile.

I really wish I could become more consistent with my blog posts. I have been so busy lately, and I’m actually thankful for the rain today- it’s forcing me to take some time to relax. I do a lot of my work outside – especially now because I have so many custom orders going at once (I’m a glutton for punishment). I pack my little warehouse and move the pieces outside when it’s time to paint. Monday was my first day working for myself full time. It’s fantastic, and even though I feel like I’m working even harder now – I’m loving it. Every bit of hard work is now for myself – to grow my company, not someone else’s. Feels fabulous.

With that being said, don’t let me fool you, It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. I’m a crabby baish today. PMS = KILL ME NOW. I am a monster during my lady time. My hair was a little flatter than I would have liked this morning… so I threw my brush and cried. (I mean, what else would you do?) I missed the trash can while throwing away a paper towel and it enraged me. Getting ready this morning was the most infuriating thing I’ve had to do in a while. Do you ever get like that? I’m the worst. Thank God I’m not around any furniture today, I’d probably ruin it on purpose.. and then cry, of course.

I know what you’re thinking – Okay, crazy… no one cares about your period. Well fine. Lets get down to business then. Whatever.

Lately, the most frequently asked question I receive goes a little something like this – “Where do you find all of these fantastic pieces of furniture”? Well, you see, there is no easy answer. Finding the style of pieces I prefer takes a lot of hard work. Craigslist, garage sales, estates sales, auctions, stuff from friends, garbage picking treasure hunting – these are all ways I find the perfect piece of furniture. It honestly is a job in itself. I have to consistently check different websites, pages, and emails throughout the day. Having a full time job tends to get in the way of furniture huntin’. Estate sales are generally held on weekdays between 9 and 4. They do carry on through the weekend, but usually the best pieces are sold by then. For a beginner I would suggest signing up for a couple estate sale emails. They will alert you of sales in your area – with pictures of items for sale as well as all of the information you will need. Just Google Estate Sales – and sign up for alerts from whatever estate sale companies are in your area.

I would say my style is pretty vintage chic. I love finding very ornate, beautiful pieces and adding some pretty, soft paint to them. The fancier the piece, the more I love it. I’m a huge fan of scroll work, details, trim – ugh, Love. Tracking down pieces like this isn’t always easy. Sometimes I just cant find something with the elegance I demand. So what? Lets make that fugly dresser into something gorgeous by adding some fancy schmancy details. One of my favorite things right now is wood appliques from Home Depot – Just click here to see them. They are effing awesome – likeforreal. Just slap these babies on with a little Liquid Nails. I always tape them on with painters tape (after I’ve glued them on) to avoid movement while drying. After they are dry, just paint right over them as if they were part of the piece. Below is a great example of the wood appliques. This was a hideous china cabinet I purchased off Cragslist – all of the decorative wood is added, none of it was there before.


Its so easy to turn a plain piece of furniture into something elegant and beautiful.

So yeah. Wood appliques – try that sh*t out.

I want to share a little project with you that I’ve recently finished. Which brings me to my next thought: old TV armoires – what do you do with them? I see these for sale EVERYWHERE. Since most people now have flat screen TV’s, they have no use for these armoires anymore. WRONG – they just need a makeover! #furniturefacelift

10702099_10152313544647606_5436560522183871686_n (1)

This is the old TV armoire – Before


and this is the AFTER!! What a pretty hall tree!

Who would have thought an old TV center could make such a beautiful hall tree?! (I did. I thought it could – just sayin’). This is such a fun project, and it looks harder than it actually is. I started this project by removing all of the doors, and filling the holes from the screws with wood filler. Then I sanded down the wood filler and painted the whole thing. I added a French stencil and waxed the whole piece. Then, I added the coat hooks and a basket for storage. Finally, I made a little padded seat for the “bench”. I painted this hall tree in Virtual Taupe by Sherwin Williams, and the white is painted in Old White by Annie Sloan – I just love those colors together. In the photo, the after piece looks a little green to me – its not. Its a nice neutral taupe.


The next project I want to share with you is this gorgeous buffet table. I saw this piece and I just fell in love with all of the pretty scroll work. This piece took a sh*t ton of sanding – It was pretty beat up (which of course, pictures never show). I painted this in Aqua Smoke by Behr and all of the white in Old White by Annie Sloan (seeing a trend here?)


Buffet – Before


Buffet – After! Love!

Let me tell you a secret a fact that is obvious – I am really obsessing over all shades of blue right now. I found a great chart of blue paints from Favorite Paint Colors and I plan to paint a piece of furniture in every color – I mean, seriously, how beautiful are all of these colors? I love their blog and check it quite frequently for color inspiration. And remember, you can create a chalk style paint out of any color you wish – just use my recipe for DIY chalky paint – which can be found here.

favorite colors-001_thumb[3]

On deck!! These pieces are next on my list to refinish – I have great ideas for these. You will have to wait and see!!


Antique China Cabinet


Cute little roll top desk


Pair of antique accent chairs

I’m crabby. Its back to ice cream and movies for me. Just a reminder, the Vintage Market is coming up again on October 12th. You can find more information on their Facebook page here – this is going to be an amazing event. Make sure to come say hi if you happen to make it!


Come to this totally bad ass vintage market!


Until next time…

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