Halloween for Lazy People

Halloween is effing awesome.

What is your favorite holiday? If your answer isn’t Halloween then keep it to yourself. YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

Halloween is awesome because:

  • You get to dress up and drink alcohol.
  • You get to watch trick or treaters in their (too cute for words) costumes.
  • Pumpkin EVERYTHING
  • Halloween candy
  • Scary movies
  • Carving pumpkins
  • It’s in October which is the best month ever invented
  • Haunted hay rides/houses
  • Decorating your home for Halloween is fun

There, I proved it. Halloween is the best. I know it’s a little early to start talking about Halloween, but while cleaning my home today I decided to make some Halloween home decor. I love decorating my house every year for Halloween – but I never buy decorations. I make them all myself, and you can too. Its easy, stop being lazy. This afternoon I started with one project – which turned into another – which turned into another – and now it looks like Jack Skeleton puked all over my living room.


Nice photo bomb Walter.


Decorating is fun!

With the exception of a few things, most of my decorations were made by me today. Lets start with the framed picture in the middle of my mantle. First, you need to find an ornate picture frame. You can pick one up at your local thrift store, garage sale, or steal one from your grandma.


I found this frame at a garage sale over the summer.

Remove the photo or glass from the frame so you don’t get all sloppy and ruin it. I used Martha Stewart Textured Metallic paint for this project, which I picked up during my last visit to Home Depot. I LOVE this paint. It has a nice shimmer to it, it’s thick, and it dries all textured and bumpy. I thought this paint would look cool on a spooky frame – and I was right.


Martha Stewart Living – Textured Metallic


Look at the pretty shimmer!


Paint that sh*t up nice.

After that’s dry – take a little metallic paint and add it to all of the details. Silver goes great with Black so I used Elegant Finish Metallic Paint for the details. I purchased this paint at Hobby Lobby (you can get anything at Hobby Lobby).


Silver adds a little glamour.


All done. Easy peasy.

Now don’t go touching your frame before it’s dry, you’ll mess that sh*t up. After my frame was dry, I found some fun printables on GraphicsFairy.com.They have so many awesome Halloween printables, and they’re all free! I went with some spooky old sheet music, and a page from a book about the skeleton. Fun stuff. I wrapped the old picture that came with the frame in wrapping paper – that way my printables would have a fun background. Just put your Halloween pictures in the frame and voila! You now have a super inexpensive pretty Halloween frame! Trade out the pictures every year, or don’t. But you should, don’t be boring.


Pretty Halloween frame!

I couldn’t stop there – must keep crafting. After the frame, I made some Halloween themed jars. Again, these are too easy not to try. Simply paint a mason jar with the same Martha Stewart textured paint and wait for it to dry. Next, add a fun printable label to the jar. I glued mine on with decoupage – but I’m sure Elmer’s would suffice. Add a ribbon, or any other cute things you would like to. Fancy it right up. Then display it, invite your friends over, and let them look at your pretty Halloween decorations and be jealous.


Paint a jar with paint! duh.


Find the label you like, print, and cut it out.


Glue the label to the painted jar.


And there you have it. So easy. Make some more.

If that’s not easy enough for you – try making some Halloween bunting. CAN’T GET ANY EASIER. Use Word on your computer to make the letters for the word “Halloween”. Make sure your font is nice and big – you want to be able to read the letters clearly on your bunting. Print the letters out, cut them out, and glue them to some card stock. I found some fabulous card stock at Hobby Lobby and it was the perfect size. I didn’t even have to cut it. If you don’t have some fab card stock just cut it down to whatever size “flags” you want. Last – poke some holes at the top of your “flags” and string some twine through it (obviously string the letters in order so you can read the word). Then hang it up. If your friends weren’t jealous yet – wait until they see your Halloween bunting. They’ll all be talking about you behind your back.


My most favorite cardstock. I use it alllllll the time.


Bunting makes you look fancy and organized.

I lied earlier when I said things couldn’t get any easier… cause they’re about to get easier. I printed out some other vintage Halloween pictures I found online and added them to some black frames I had lying around the house. I bet you could find some black picture frames at the dollar store and add a print out to it. THAT’S IT! Seriously, you don’t even need to be awake to make these.


So simple. Just adds a little something extra.


Love the black frames.

So there ya have it. Halloween decor for lazy people. Just kidding – but it’s so easy that you will feel lazy the whole time you’re making it. I had so much fun making all of this today – I think I’ll find some other Halloween themed crafts to make this week. Maybe I’ll share them with you, maybe I won’t. (I probably will).

Until next time…

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  1. first time reading anything on your blog. i love the way you talk. like normal people. ok, not talk. write. blog. u know what i mean. i follow u on facebook.

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