Halloween for Cheap People

Have the itch yet? The Halloween itch? Done being lazy? Want to make more Halloween home decor?


Well, whatever. We are going to anyway – I don’t care what you say.

So I drove by a dollar store this afternoon, and it got me thinking. I know I showed you some DIY Halloween decor for lazy and cheap people… but what about DIY decor for cheap people who are not lazy? There’s nothing wrong with being cheap. Every dollar I save throughout the week is one more dollar that could be buying me a frappucchino (you know what I’m talking about). I’m a big dummy, I would spend my last five dollars at Starbucks. No shame. Back to my original thought – maybe you love crafting, but you just don’t like to spend money.


First project – (Lazy people, this one’s for you too, you could totally do this). Super awesome metallic skulls.

Go to the dollar store and pick up some ugly plastic skulls. Bring them home and cover the sh*t out of them with some Valspar Metallic Spray Paint. (I chose silver because it felt more Halloweenie to me). Let your skulls dry. The End.


Ugly plastic skulls – get some.


Cover them with metallic spray paint.


The end.

Too easy? Well lets move on then. Next project is a cute little wooden Halloween tray. I picked up a wooden tray at Michael’s today for $2. When I got home I painted the whole thing with my Martha Stewart Textured Metallic paint. While that dried I Googled “skull and cross-bones” and printed out 3 copies of the one I liked. Once my tray was dry I cut out the skulls and used Mod Podge to adhere them to the tray. After that was dry I sprayed the whole thing with Mod Podge sealing spray. The tray makes a cute little place for fall candles. Hate fall candles? Wtf is wrong with you, but I guess you could put whatever you want on this. WHO CARES, ITS ADORABLE.


Go get yo’self a tray at Micheal’s gurrrrl.


Paint that up real nice.


Mod Podge the skulls on – then seal them with the Mod Podge spray.


There you have it. Set some sh*t on that tray.

Bored yet? I bet you could make this stuff in your sleep, huh? Let’s step it up a notch. Next time you’re at the dollar store pick yourself up a plastic pumpkin. Do it. Paint that pumpkin white with chalk paint. (I used chalk paint because I was worried regular paint may not stick very well). Once the pumpkin is dry, glue some rhinestones all along the ridges in the pumpkin. Any kind of glue should do, but I used Tacky Glue. Last, add something to the top of the pumpkin – like leaves, or a spider. I bought a strand of leaves at the dollar store and sprayed them metallic silver. After the leaves were dry I glued some to the top of my pumpkin. What do you have when its done? A classy pumpkin – the kind of pumpkin that wouldn’t be caught dead seen with poor orange pumpkins. This will fancy your house right up.


Lets give this fugly plastic pumpkin a makeover.


Paint it white with chalk paint and let it dry.


Spray some dollar store leaves with metallic spray paint.


BAM! Silver.


Glue rhinestones along the ridges of the pumpkin.


Blinged out effing pumpkin.


Too fancy for words.

The last thing I want to show you is a spooky, old book. You don’t need much for this – and it’s easier than it looks. Start with a book you never read and a crumpled piece of paper. Use Mod Podge to adhere the paper (which has been flattened out again) to the book. Once dry, draw a spiderweb on the cover of the book in glue. You can draw any design you want – I chose a spider web because it was easy. Wait for that glue to dry – it will take a few hours. Next – paint the book with – you guessed it – Martha Stewart Textured Metallic paint. You can use any color/style of paint, I went with this since I had it on hand. Once that is dry its time to decorate your book! Add a title, a picture, add some spiders, maybe tie a ribbon around it. Decorate your little heart out. There’s no wrong answer. (Except Christmas. You can’t add anything Christmas to your damn Halloween book, ya big dummy).


Spread Mod Podge all over your book.


Adhere crumpled paper to your book – all over.


Draw some sort of design with glue to add texture.


Paint that dumb book up nice.


Decorate your book with whatever you want. Make it look better than mine.


Even burn the pages if you want…

So there ya have it, you little penny pincher. You don’t need more than $10 to make your house look fabulously fancy for Halloween. Once you start with one project, you will want to do another, and another, and another. Get that house looking all spooky and post that sh*t on your Facebook page. Then sit in your house and look at all of the beautiful things you made. Yes, you’re awesome.

I love making home decor almost as must as I love refinishing furniture. ALMOST I SAID.

Until next time….

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7 thoughts on “Halloween for Cheap People

  1. Where do you get the Martha Stewart textured paint? I looked for it at Michaels and Joanns and mine did not have. My Dollar Tree did not have the pumpkins either so I will need to search other dollar trees 😦

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