Full of Secrets (Part 2)

Have I left you hanging long enough? Are you ready for more of my favorite products? Well… too bad, you’re SOL!! Just kidding.. I’m not good at keeping secrets. Like at all. Especially when someone tells me a mind-blowing, crazy, dramatic secret. How am I supposed to keep that sh*t to myself? Why should they be the only one having all the fun telling secrets? It’s bull if you ask me. So I always share secrets with others, it’s only fair.

One of the first things you do when refinishing a piece is sand it – and I ain’t got time or patience to sand that sh*t by hand. You don’t always have to sand a piece, but I definitely recommend it. Chalk paint sticks to pretty much anything – and when I use milk paint I add the extra bond if I don’t want the piece to be too chippy. Sweet Pickins sells a great extra bond to go along with her milk paint. But despite all of this, I usually always sand (even just a little). This will give the paint something to stick to. Sometimes paint easily scratches off if the surface isn’t roughed up a little first. My favorite hand sander is the Black+Decker Mouse Detail Sander – click the link here to learn more about it. I love this little sander – good things come in small packages. It’s powerful and great for getting into the corners due to its shape. I can use this sander with coarse grit sandpaper for removal of old finishes.. or I can use it with fine grit for smoothing and finishing. This sander is totes cute – and it’s named after a mouse. No brainer – buy that super cute sander. Duh.


See.. they are totally the same. I can’t even tell the difference.

If you know me, you know I love metallics! (I’m into anything flashy and hoochie). Sometimes I love to paint a whole piece using metallic paint, and other times I think just painting the details with metallic adds something special and unique. Silver, gold, bronze.. I love it all. (Add rhinestones, glitter, or sequins, and make it a complete drag-queen dazzle show – I’m all about it). But for my customers, I tone it down. Metallics done in the right way make a piece feel fancy, expensive, and sassy. My favorite metallic spray paint is Valspar metallics – and my favorite metallic paint to brush on is Liquid Metals by Sargent Art.  Both paints dry super shiny. I have used other products and find I just can’t get the sheen I would like. But these – well get out your sunglasses, girl.

shopping             shopping (1)

I know I’ve talked about my favorite clear wax before, but what about my favorite dark wax? I’ve tried a few different brands, and have even made my own – (Yep, you can make it. Mix clear wax with some wood stain in a small container) But my favorite one to use is Sweet Pickins wax in Jacobean. I find it’s very easy to work with and I really like the color! I always wax a piece with clear wax before using the dark wax. Otherwise its very hard to manipulate, and it stains the paint on your piece. When you’re done waxing, clean your damn brush. Don’t be lazy like me and waste your money on buying the same brush over and over. CLEAN YOUR DAMN BRUSH. Lye Soap is perfect for cleaning your wax brushes, buy some here.


Sweet Pickins Supreme Wax Polish

Sometimes I like to leave the tops of pieces a dark stained wood, and paint the rest. I really like to do this with buffets, especially if I want them to look a little classier. My favorite stain to use on tops of dressers, buffets, etc, is General Finishes Java Gel Stain. It produces a nice rich color, and goes on very smooth. It dries a little flat so I always use a nice shiny poly over top. I find the gel is super easy to work with and can be less intimidating than your average liquid stain. Try it out – you’ll probably like it. If you hate it, well, keep that to yourself. I don’t care to know.

shopping (2)

OHMYGAWD – the last product is a must have. DO YOU HEAR ME?? Go buy this now. Tack Cloths!! These sticky cloths pick up everything. Use them after cleaning the piece to pick up any dust/dirt/lint your lazy arms may have missed. Use these after sanding to pick up all of that annoying sanding residue. Use them before staining a surface just to make sure its completely clean. These can be used on pretty much any paint and they don’t contain any wax or silicone. I can’t speak highly enough of these cloths, honestly a game changer. You can find these magic cloths here. 


Love these sticky little guys.

And there you have it. Some more of my must have products. THAT’S NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU?? Geez, you’re a needy baish. I’ll share some more of my favorite things in a few posts from now. If you want to read part 1 of this please click here.

I’m off to work on some more market pieces. The Vintage Market is in 9 days and I’m not nearly ready. I’ve had stress poops for at least a week now. Ugh. See you there!

Until next time…

unnamed (1)


3 thoughts on “Full of Secrets (Part 2)

  1. The blue and silver and pink and gold dressers are so beautiful. I,m in Utah and haven’t seen that style. Where do you find all your fabulous pieces of furniture?
    I have to say your blog is the most entertaining of any I read. You are hilarious, it makes my day.
    Thanks for all your help, I love that you share

  2. I love your stuff was reading your blog. What is your favorite chalk paint? I have Annie but gives me headaches love the wax for sure like you. I’m gonna try the other dark wax you mentioned but stay with her clear. And where do I get those metallic paints? I bought some from joanne fabric by viva they are rubs I love them and sm bottles of Martha S metallics. But want to try the ones u mentioned. I also have just a few Shabby paints and some general finish milk paint and Java gel but haven’t tried those yet Shabby I did I love there’s any help thanks so much

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